fredag 11 juli 2008

Coming soon

This is yet another blog about the madness involved in learning Japanese AND Chinese at the same time. The original madness is found at AJATT, i.e. All Japanese All The Time. The main difference between these projects is that Khatzumoto, AJATT, wants to reach fluency on all levels of the languages, whereas this suwedenjin is perfectly happy to handle the written languages.

You might ask "Why bother to learn languages when we have such great tools at our disposal on the net?" like the translation tool available to the right here. Well, if you click on the Japanese flag you will learn that "Coming soon" is translated as "On Sale Soon" - 近日発売 - which is perfectly OK with me, but that is not EXACTLY what I wrote! In general a citizen of Japan would be rather puzzled regarding the meaning of the content, to phrase it in a diplomatic manner.